At CCB we are dedicated to protecting the health and safety of our students, staff and faculty. CCB is self-certified with the State Department of Economic and Community Development and we are committed to complying with the state's sector guidelines at all times. We will be monitoring the ever-changing information and status of Covid-19 in our community, state and country and our procedures and requirements will remain fluid, flexible and will shift as needed to keep our CCB students, staff and faculty safe.

Welcome to Connecticut Concert Ballet!

We would like to welcome you to a very special place to dance – Connecticut Concert Ballet. Whether you are seeking a professional career, a rewarding extra-curricular activity, or just love to dance…there is a place for you at CCB! 

At CCB we work closely with parents to ensure each student is properly trained, supported and nurtured.  We stress the importance of teamwork and strive to foster friendships and a mutually supportive, encouraging environment among students across all age levels.  At CCB you will meet and make great friends while learning one of the most beautiful and challenging art forms. We invite you to come to CCB and be the best dancer you can be!


Wendy Fish-Lawrence and David Lawrence, Artistic Directors

What is CCB?  What do we have to offer?  What makes us so special?

  • A thriving, living, community of 300+ students
  • Invested parents and supporters who provide hundreds of volunteer positions at the studio every year and thousands of hours of work, enthusiastically. 
  • A positive, joyful place to study dance, make lifelong friends, and learn about life
  • Year-round programs which include an academic year that runs from September to May, a full slate of summer classes and Summer Intensives
  • A burgeoning, selective pre-professional program that starts at age 8 and has 50 students
  • Talented and well trained students with exceptional stage presence beyond their years, gained from numerous performance opportunities each and every year
  • Professional quality performances that are fully staged
  • Choreography and stagecraft by the Artistic Directors that improves in quality and content year after year
  • An awareness of and giving attitude toward the greater community, culminating in numerous donated performances a year to benefit other non-profits
  • Yearly acceptances by more than 30 students to the most competitive ballet programs across the nation, also placement in competitive college dance programs and performing arts high schools, with many scholarships awarded
  • Alumni promoted into leading professional ballet companies and theater groups.

About CCB

Connecticut Concert Ballet Inc. was founded in 1973 as a training school for classical ballet and has been providing quality dance training ever since. In January of 1985 CCB was incorporated as a non-profit organization and is currently the only non-profit dance school and performing organization in Manchester and Windsor.

As a non-profit organization Connecticut Concert Ballet strives to keep tuition as low as possible and does not charge additional fees to students throughout the year such as costume purchases, audition fees or performance fees. A large number of scholarships are provided to students who otherwise would not be able to afford classes. To offset operation expenses, CCB relies on a large network of volunteers, from parents of our students to members of the community. Volunteers help sew costumes, organize fundraisers, help with building improvements and assist in all aspects of CCB’s large-scale performances. Connecticut Concert Ballet also seeks grants and donations to help fund projects and performances.

Connecticut Concert Ballet has been under the direction of Wendy Fish-Lawrence and David Lawrence since 1997. Drawing upon their varied professional experience, Wendy and David bring dynamic leadership, enthusiasm and a nurturing teaching style to the school. As the schools Artistic Directors, Wendy and David are very committed to CCB’s professional approach to training.

Manchester Studio

280 Garden Grove Road Manchester, CT 06040