Enable a bright future for our school and our students!

A message from David and Wendy – CCB Artistic Directors:

Here at CCB we love ballet and dance! And we have set about the task of showing our students all that there is to love about it with us. We have created something different here, something special. Our CCB students and families are members of a little microworld, a community where they experience the joys and sorrows, the successes and the challenges, the hard work and the rewards that life has to offer all through the art of ballet. And life at CCB is not just about ballet or dance…it’s about living and learning and loving! Because really that is what we’ve been doing all these years at CCB. We got married surrounded by the love of our CCB family, we have literally raised our two daughters here, we work here with our family and our friends, we welcome numerous new little dancers into our CCB family each year and we send our grown up ballet students off into the world as amazing adults each year as well. We are incredibly grateful to have shared our love of ballet as a way of life with thousands of our students and families.

This year has been a challenging one for so many of us and CCB has not been spared the difficulties and hardships caused by this pandemic. Our classes, faculty and staff have all be reduced and our performances have been cancelled. We are working hard to stay on our toes during this difficult time as we anxiously await the days when our studios and our stages are once again filled with the joy, wonder, and magic of dance!

Thank you for enabling a bright future for our school and our students. Everyone at CCB joins us in gratitude for your generous support.

David and Wendy

Manchester Studio

280 Garden Grove Road Manchester,
CT 06040

Windsor Studio

The Great Hall at Grace Church,
311 Broad Street Windsor, CT 06095