Rehearsal Information

Rehearsals will be held every week at our Manchester studios, with additional special rehearsals happening as we get closer to Performances.

In order to prepare our dancers for a successful performance, we require them to be present for ALL rehearsals, and especially important are the FIRST rehearsal and for ALL rehearsals during Production Week. Dancers not present at these rehearsals, especially during Dress Rehearsals, may not be able to perform.

Once casting is complete, please check the rehearsal schedule right away for your dancer's role(s). Some roles will begin rehearsing immediately after Casting is complete, while others will begin later in the semester.

You MUST check the rehearsal schedule online for updates on a weekly basis. This is the MOST up to date rehearsal information! We will NOT always be able to email you if there are changes to the rehearsal schedule, but the online rehearsal schedule will ALWAYS be up to date.

Here is the performance order of the show (tentative):

  1. "Home" (Youth Company piece) approx 15 minutes

  2. "Linked" (Modern Piece) approx 13 minutes

  3. "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant: A Tribute to Billy Joel" (Jazz Piece) approx 14 minutes

    INTERMISSION 10 minutes

  4. "Coppélia" - Act I


  5. "Coppélia" - Act II 

See below for your dancer's rehearsal schedule:

Be sure to "refresh" this page before you click the buttons below to see the most updated version of your schedule

Production Week Rehearsals

Production Week will be held from May 4 - May 11 and will consist of special combined rehearsals at our studio and dress rehearsals at Manchester High School.

There will be no regular classes held during this week and dancers may not miss rehearsals this week for any reason (barring contagious illness).

Specific rehearsal days/times will be available after Casting is posted. Please block off these days on your calendar and do not make plans until you have this schedule. Please ask us if you have specific questions about these dates.

Parent Observation of Rehearsals

At both the Manchester studio and outside at the theatre, parents are not allowed to watch rehearsals.

Parent observation interferes with the creative process of the choreographers and is distracting to the dancers. Parents and siblings should plan to wait outside or in our parent seating area or to drop dancers off for rehearsals.

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