Register for the Spring Performance

All CCB students are invited to participate in the Spring Performance.

Auditions are not required. 

Students who wish to perform are REQUIRED to register for the Spring Performance.

The registration deadline is Saturday February 25.

Registration Form and Performance Fee

All dancers wishing to perform MUST fill out an online Spring Performance Registration Form and pay a $50 Spring Performance Fee. The Spring Performance Fee will be automatically charged to your family account on March 1st. This fee offsets costs related to costume creation/alteration, rehearsals and performance administration, and also provides each family with a link to a digital video recording of the production.

You will find more important information about rehearsals, parent observation, costume fitting and more on our Spring Performance Information page.

Rehearsal Times & Start Dates

The Spring Performance consists of a variety of new pieces and predicting the entire rehearsal schedule from start to finish is very challenging. We do our best to stick to our anticipated schedule and timeline but changes often have to be made to the schedule.

See below for a general idea of our Spring Performance Rehearsal Schedule:

The official schedule has been posted on the REHEARSAL SCHEDULE PAGE

  • Pre-ballet: Rehearsals to be held on Saturdays from 9:15-10:00am beginning in April

    Primary A & Primary B: Rehearsals to be held on Saturdays from 10:45-11:30am beginning in April

    Primary C: Rehearsals to be held on Saturdays from 10:00-10:45am beginning in April

    Level 1: Rehearsals to be held on Saturdays from 9:00-10:00am beginning in March and then switching to 1:00pm in April

    Level 2: Rehearsals to be held on Saturdays
    In March: 10:00-10:45 or 12:00-12:45
    In April: 12:15-1:00

    Level 3: Rehearsals to be held on Saturdays
    In March: 10:45-12:00
    In April: Anytime between 9:15-12:15

    Level 4 & 5: Rehearsals begin February 27
    Dancers should be available weeknights & Saturdays for rehearsals

    Jazz & Modern Dancers: Most rehearsals will be held during class time. Some combined rehearsals will be schedule leading up to the performance.

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