Here is what's happening at CCB!

It's Fill-it-Forward time at CCB!

Our annual FILL-IT-FORWARD event is happening on Saturday March 28.
This is the day we help each other get to declutter and get rid of all that stuff you don't need anymore, your items get recycled and re-used, and CCB raises funds from your donated items. You win, the environment wins, the community wins and CCB wins!

👉FILL: Please start filling those bags now so we can reach our goal and fill our truck! Our goal is for every CCB family to bring in at least 5 BAGS. But don't stop there...we'll take as many as you can bring us.

👉PLEDGE: You can use this link below to make a pledge of how many bags you plan to donate:

👉SHARE: Please share this info with your friends, family & neighbors. Everyone always has stuff to get rid of and most people are really happy to donate their used items (especially for a good cause).

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