Volunteer and Donation Information

The support of parents behind the scenes is critical to the success of our dancers and their enjoyment of the experience. It is also lots of fun for all involved.

We have several different types of volunteer opportunities at the Dress Rehearsals and the Performances themselves. 


  • Sign-in / Sign-out (Dress Rehearsals & Performances) You will be responsible for signing in & out all of our young cast members.  
  • Dressing Room Helpers (Dress Rehearsals & Performances) You will be responsible for keeping all dancers in your group quiet and organized while waiting in the dressing area.  You will also assist the dancers with dressing, as needed.  Dressing Room Managers will be on-hand to provide guidance and support.


Nutcracker Sweet Shop          Nutcracker Boutique          Usher          Dancer Telegrams


Our Sweet Shop is one of the most popular tables in our lobby. As a way to support our school, we ask that each cast member sign up to bring one item for our Sweet Shop. 

Please bring items to the Theater during Dress Rehearsal on Sunday December 4th.

Volunteer Perks

We know that the biggest reward of volunteering is being able to actively support your dancer, not to mention the fun of being involved in putting on this amazing production.  However, in order to show our appreciation for your time and effort, we are also able to offer the following perks:

∞ Backstage Helpers can watch their group dancing from the wings. Your volunteer name tag gives you access to the backstage wing area.

∞ Lobby Helpers are also able to watch the show.  Once your job is complete, you are welcome to watch the show from the back of the audience. Most of these positions require you to be the last one seated before the start of the show and the first one out once Intermission begins.  Your volunteer badge is your ticket.

If you have any problems signing-up to volunteer, please contact us at ctconcertballet@gmail.com

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