Required Costume Items for All Level 4 & 5 Dancers

Cast members are responsible for providing certain items, such as tights, ballet shoes, etc.

All items can be purchased at Dance Village in Manchester.

All Level 4 & 5 Dancers are required to have the following

(Additional role specific requirements are listed separately below):


Capezio professional mesh

Color: "Classic Pink"


Pointe shoes w/calamine


Flesh-colored camisole leotard and pink trunks


Medium sized rhinestone stud earrings

Snow Queen

White camisole leotard

Arabian Soloist & Demi-Soloists

Bare legs; Pointe shoes w/flesh colored makeup; Trunks (CCB will provide); Jewelry - See Wendy

Chinese Soloists (female dancers)

Black tights; Black pointe shoes; Black trunks

Chinese Soloists (male dancers)

Black tights; Black ballet slipper w/black elastic


Your Level 4 Navy Camisole Leotard

Military Dolls

Flesh-colored camisole leotard & Red trunks

Russian Soloist

Black trunks

Spanish Corps

Black trunks

Manchester Studio

280 Garden Grove Road Manchester, CT 06040