Rehearsal Absence Policy

Dancers are required to attend ALL rehearsals in order to be fully prepared for our performances. However, we do understand that life happens, so here is our Rehearsal Absence Policy:

Absences WILL be allowed for:
illness, family emergency, major family events (weddings, etc.), required school functions or other absolutely unavoidable situations.

Absences WILL NOT be allowed for:
music recitals, other dance or theatrical performances, sports events, weekly religious services/commitments, birthday parties (especially those you have control over scheduling), tickets to entertainment events, etc.

CCB expects all performers to make the performance their top priority. Please know that if you participate in other activities such as sports or music programs, you must plan accordingly so that you do not miss rehearsals. Dancers will be subject to removal from certain roles or the entire performance if they miss rehearsals.

First Rehearsals and Production Week:  It is especially difficult if dancers miss the first rehearsal and all rehearsals during Production Week, therefore barring extraordinary circumstances, absences during these rehearsals will not be excused.

Reporting Dancer Illness and/or Requesting a Rehearsal Absence

Please email Trina Rudolph at trinaccb@gmail.com if your dancer is ill or needs to miss a rehearsal. 

Manchester Studio

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