Dancers should arrive at the theater ready for Warm-up class. For warm-up class, dancers should wear regular rehearsal attire (solid color leotard, pink tights, pink shoes) and look neat.

  1. Dancers should arrive at the Stage Door at the back of the theater (Summit Street entrance).
  2. Parents must park in the large parking lot (there is NO Driving up to the Stage Door) and walk their dancer into the theater.
  3. Dancers will sign themselves into and out of the Level 2/3 Dressing Room. **See information below about Families and Guests at the theater.**

Dancers at the Theater & What to Bring

Dancers should come to the theater with Performance Hair done. There will be some time for Makeup to be applied after warm-up, but arriving with some makeup already applied is helpful.

All dancers should be sure they have plenty of bobby pins for headpieces, as well as all other supplies needed to be prepared. This includes trunks, extra tights, flat shoes, pointe shoes, etc.

Dancers may bring healthy, non-messy snacks/lunches and a water bottle. **Dancers should not bring items that could potentially spill and cause a mess.** 

No peanut products are allowed in the dressing room.

*Please do not bring anything of value backstage at all!*

Families and Guests at the Theater

Parents must walk their dancer into the building and drop them off in the outer hallway to the Dressing Room. This is the same place parents will pick dancers up.

Parents may volunteer at the Dress Rehearsal and/or Performances, or purchase a ticket to Performances. There is no observation of Dress Rehearsals.

Parents will not be allowed in the Dressing Room unless they are signed up to help as a volunteer.

Guests may greet dancers in the outer hallway after the performance. There will be staff and volunteers on-hand to assist.

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