All dancers should wear their hair in a High Classical bun unless mentioned below.

Dancers must bring all their hair supplies for touch-ups and any necessary hair changes.

Dancers must also provide their own bobby pins for attaching hairpieces. Please be sure to have plenty on hand.

Clara's Friends

High classical bun w/curly hairpiece (see description below)

Fritz (female dancers)

Wig that we provide (see Party Boy hair description for details)

Overture Dolls - Chinese Doll

Two high buns

Overture Dolls - Nutcracker Doll

Very high bun

Young Clara

front half up w/pipe curls or ringlets (*See Wendy)

Clara’s Friends

Clara's Friends wear a curled hairpiece over their high classical bun.

-The hairpiece is called "The Piggie Barrel Pigtails" set. This set comes with 2 hairpieces but most dancers will only need one (if you have a lot of hair and a large bun then you will may need two). 

-Click here to order the Clara's Friends Hairpiece

-We encourage you to coordinate with another Clara’s Friend who has your hair color so you can split the purchase if you only need one. 

-There are many colors to choose from and hopefully the pictures will help you find a good match.  The hair piece will seem small when you open the package and will not appear to fit over the bun but it can be pinned directly over the bun and works well. 

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