Here are some Fun and Calming Modern Dance Exercises from Lorelei for all Levels:

Students of all levels can move along with us at home with these fun phrases. Each movement phrase has a message. Feel the message while having fun doing these exercises.

Breathe in the Light:

Breathing the light during the dark time

Hello Earth:

Hello Earth, sending the healing thoughts to Earth and ask Earth to support us on this healing journey

Shake Off the Fears:

Shake off all the fears and feel the joy of the simple movements/life

Fun Swings:

Swings help us to release the tensions and anxieties, allow us to create more space in the body and mind to connect with our inner spirit!

Monkeys Play:

Playfulness is important during the serious time. Monkeys Play movement phrase reminds us that we can still smile and laugh while dealing with "pain".

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