COVID-19 Protocols for all Performers

Connecticut Concert Ballet acknowledges the importance of community-wide vaccination in regard to our ability to create a safe environment for all of our students, families, staff, crew, volunteers, and patrons. We strongly encourage all, who are able, to get vaccinated.

While not required, CCB prefers that all dancers of eligible age to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

- Unvaccinated dancers are encouraged to get a COVID-19 rapid test within 6 hours of arriving at the theater on Dress Rehearsal and Performance days. Students with a positive test result must get in touch with us immediately.

-All performers must arrive at theater wearing a disposable face mask.
-Masks will be worn at all times in the dressing room and backstage in the wings while waiting to perform.
-Dancers will remove and throw away masks right before they enter the stage to perform. Dancers will not wear masks while onstage performing.
-Dancers will receive a new disposable mask to put back on as they exit the stage after dancing.

*Please consider donating a box of child-sized disposable masks to CCB. We will need a lot of these to get us through the dress rehearsals and performances. Thank you!

-The theater ventilation system has established enhanced outside air exchange protocols to provide greater amounts of fresh air from its air handling systems as recommended, per federal guidance.  
-Windows & doors will be open in all dressing rooms.

-High touch areas will be disinfected and sanitized throughout the day.
-Costumes & headpieces will be sprayed and sanitized between uses.

Dancers will use hand sanitizer upon entering the dressing room.

-Dancers should only come to the theater if they are feeling completely well with no symptoms of illness.
-Dancers showing any signs of illness will be sent home. 

-All CCB staff and faculty are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
-All volunteers must be fully vaccinated in order to volunteer backstage and/or in the lobby.

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